I am an SDE3 (i.e., Senior SDE) at Amazon, where I specialize in machine learning and data-intensive software. I currently work within Amazon Pharmacy (PillPack). Previously I worked in Alexa AI, where I was the technical lead for developing scalable and reliable C++ and Python software for mission-critical natural language understanding models.

I take a human-computer interaction view of computer science; Computer science is more than just the code we write and the algorithms we design.

Previously, I completed a Computer Science PhD as a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow at Brown University. My dissertation focused on visualization design, and I leveraged a wide array of research methods (e.g., systems work, aglorithm design, and human subject evaluation).

Contact Information

Please reach out over Twitter DM or LinkedIn.


Industry experience

Amazon, Boston and Cambridge, MA, 2017 – Present

Google, Cambridge, MA. Software Engineer Intern. 2012.

Charles River Analytics, Cambridge, MA. Software Engineer Intern. 2011.


Brown University, Providence, RI. Graduate Researcher. 2012-2017.

Tufts University, Somerville, MA. Undergraduate Researcher & TA. 2008-2012.

Academic Research

While in academia, I focused on information visualization design techniques and theory. My research led to eleven publications, and also additional conference posters. For a publication list, please see my Semantic Scholar, Google Scholar or dblp profiles.

Much of my dissertation focuses on color's role in effective visualization. My talk at OpenVisConf 2017, Empowering Effective Visualization (Color) Design, highlights:

Aside from research on color, I also spent time looking at how information retrieval techniques can help aid qualitative evaluation of visualization design, effective design for genome visualization, as well as other areas like software visualization and crowdsourcing.